We aim to be leaders in the fields of environmental protection, youth capacity building, and involvement in the strategic decision-making for sustainable development in Palestine.



Through our commitment to the principles of environmental protection, CEP seeks to develop innovative models of pragmatic and strategic approaches that will empower the Palestinian community to engage in and environmental-friendly approaches; including reduction of all types of pollution, promotion of energy saving techniques, and the application of sustainable development policies.


Our main goal is to expand environmental public awareness, education, and capacity building. 



1-    Environmental Capacity Building, education, & awareness.

2-    Conducting Environmental Research & influencing policy decision making.

3-    Eco-Tourism Development

4-    Conducting EIA studies

5-    Promoting ecological technologies & infrastructure facilities

CEP has vast experience in working with youth among schools and universities across the West Bank. We regularly work with these institutions to improve environmental awareness in the community.

CEP has also built a strong network across governmental municipalities, local and international NGOs, and business professional groups in Palestine. It is important for us to work with key stakeholders whom are involved in the implementation of environmental policy.

We are fully resourced to meet the necessary qualifications required by the donors to create a positive environmental change.

Our Team